Math Functions

  • int abs(int a)

    Returns an absolute value of the argument.

  • int min(int a, int b)

    Returns the smaller argument.

  • int max(int a, int b)

    Returns the larger argument.

  • bool within(int x, int min, int max)

    Returns true if x >= min && x < max.

Hashing Functions

  • Ripemd160 ripemd160(bin bytes)

    Returns a RIPEMD-160 hash of the argument.

  • Sha1 sha1(bin bytes)

    Returns a SHA-1 hash of the argument.

  • Sha256 sha256(bin bytes)

    Returns a SHA-256 hash of the argument.

  • Ripemd160 hash160(bin bytes)

    Returns RIPEMD-160 hash of SHA-256 hash of the argument.

  • Sha256 hash256(bin bytes)

    Returns double SHA-256 hash of the argument.

Cryptographic Checks

  • bool checkSig(Sig sig, PubKey pk)

    Validates a transaction signature sig againnst a public key pk.

  • bool checkMultiSig(List<Sig> sigs, List<PubKey> pks)

    Validates the set of signatures against the set of public keys.

  • bool checkDataSig(DataSig sig, bin msg, PubKey pk)

    Validates a signature sig of an arbitrary message msg against a public key pk.

Timelock Checks

  • Verification checkLockTime(Time t)

    Validates whether the spending transaction occurs after time t, expressed as a block height or a timestamp.

  • Verification checkSequence(TimeSpan duration)

    Validates whether the spending transaction happens after duration relative to the locking transaction, expressed as a number of blocks or number of 512 seconds-long periods.

Array Operations

  • bin num2bin(int num, int size)

    Converts a number num into a bytes array of size size.

  • int bin2num(bin data)

    Converts a bytes array data to an integer. The array is treated as little-endian.

  • int size(bin data)

    Returns the length of data.

  • bin fst([bin, bin] data)

    Returns the first element of a tuple (result of @ operator).

    bin left = fst(0xaabbccdd @ 2);
    // left == 0xaabb
  • bin snd([bin, bin] data)

    Returns the second element of a tuple (result of @ operator).

    bin right = snd(0xaabbccdd @ 2);
    // right == 0xccdd
  • DataSig toDataSig(Sig data)

    Converts a signature suitable for checkSig function (with a sighash flag) to a signature suitable for checkDataSig function (without a sighash flag).

    verify checkSig(sig, pubKey);
    verify checkDataSig(toDataSig(sig), preimageHash, pubKey);

Type Constructors

  • PubKey PubKey(bin data)
  • Ripemd160 Ripemd160(bin data)
  • Sha1 Sha1(bin data)
  • Sha256 Sha256(bin data)
  • Sig Sig(bin data)
  • DataSig DataSig(bin data)
  • Time TimeStamp(int timestamp)
  • Time TimeStamp(int blockHeight)
  • TimeSpan Blocks(int number)