Welcome to Spedn’s documentation!


Spedn is a high level smart contracts language for Bitcoin Cash. It is designed for explicitness and safety:

  • It is statically typed - detects many errors at compile time
  • It is explicitly typed - no guessing what the expression is supposed to return
  • It is purely-functional - free of side effects, the common source of bugs
  • It has a familiar C-like syntax


Spedn is an experimental tool. It is not recommended to be used on mainnet yet.


Spedn is an early, experimental tool with a lot of plans:

  • Macros
  • Extended support for covenants and tx preimage introspection
  • Compiled code optimizations
  • IDE with a debugger
  • …and more

Check out the Trello board to see what’s currently going on.


Every kind of contribution is appreciated, especially:

  • Syntax ideas and other features propositions
  • Code review
  • Unit tests
  • Bug reports
  • Usage examples and docs improvement